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  • After all my years on the floor, I pretty much know how and why things are the way they are. If you have pictures of any problems and would like to know what and why for FREE, email me the pics from anywhere in the United States and I'll help you to understand.

    A professional takes care of all the smallest of details; before, during and after any endeavor. With time it becomes second nature, with respect and courtesy to our mistakes, but to say it was an accident is to claim ignorance.

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    Almost Invisible Patchwork

    Original Roberts Method of Installation
    Original Roberts Method of Installation

    Trust your carpets to Able Carpet Repair, providing quality residential and commercial carpet installation and repair service in Jacksonville, Florida. We offer honest work with quality workmanship guaranteed for all brands of carpet. Contact us to learn more about carpet consulting and help with inspections.

    Repairing Your Damaged Carpets

    Keep your carpet in tip-top shape with our carpet repair service. We cut out burns or stains and plug the holes with carpet from the closets, inset with almost invisible patchwork. Carpet padding replacement is also available.

    We Sell & Install New Carpet

    Master Installer & Repair Men put in brand-new carpet with our carpet installation services. We can install all kinds of commercial and residential carpet, backed by 40 years of experience. Power stretching available. We even install already purchased carpet.

    Preventing Pet Damage

    Your pets dig holes and urinate for a reason. Learn more at Pets are Smart

    We want you to make choices that are best for you!

    Carpet put in an attic or hot garage, almost always tinges yellow or green, due to the heat. Always keep the leftover pieces of carpet from a new installation in a closet or garage that doesn't get real hot, rolled neatly, for repair work.

    You should always ask for a 5 year guarantee on the "installation" of new carpet and a 5 year guarantee on any re-stretch, but normally it lasts for 10 to 15 years or longer, when done properly.

    To do a re-stretch properly, the furniture must be moved. Many times wrinkles can be taken out without moving much furniture, but there is no guarantee with such. That kind of fix might last 2 or 3 years.

    Never drag furniture across the carpet, that action will cause wrinkles to form at times. If you must move furniture, take out the drawers and use skids or sliders, what some call moving men. They are either round or square and about 6 inches across, with sponge rubber on top and hard plastic on the bottom. Furniture slides so easily with sliders, on carpet. If you move furniture from carpet to tile or wood, be careful, because sand is usually present and you will scratch the wood or tile, but usually, tile scratches from sand don't show very much. There are skids for wood and tile. They have felt instead of hard plastic, on the bottom. If you slide on wood, make sure you get all the sand cleared of the area. Sand comes into the house on shoes, pant legs, dogs, cats and more, without you realizing it and sand is the biggest killer of carpet and wood floors. Tile doesn't show as bad.

    Save money!!

    If you can move the furniture, you can save quite a lot of money, but if not, we'd be happy to move the furniture for you.

    If you get down close to the floor, at carpet to tile or wood transitional areas, you may see very thin, almost translucent pieces of plastic that the animals see, that you don't, when you're standing. The animals will bite them with their teeth and shake their heads, tearing them out, causing more plastic to get pulled up, and causing the loss of the surface material, as if something to play with or they may scratch at them. That can cause holes eventually. Snip the plastic off as low to the bottom, without damaging the carpet.

    Your vacuum usually brings them up or after new installations; the installers may not see them.

    If your animals dig holes in the middle of the carpet, your water pipes may gurgle and your dog hear it, but not you. The tack boards at the transitions have nails that can stick up through your carpet and hurt your animals, causing them to scratch holes at the transitions and some animals will urinate just before those transitions, as a way to remind them of the danger.

    Your dog or cat will usually dig at any place in the floor that hurts his or her paw, like when a repairman uses a glue gun to do a repair and the glue rises to the surface from too much glue and creates a hard knot of glue.

    The animals may step on a nail at the transitional areas.

    Animals tell us many more things, by their actions.
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