Holes, rips, tears and burns in carpet may look like a done deal but don’t replace your carpet just yet! Able Carpet Repair can fix these problems with our invisible patch repair services. We specialize in carpet repair to help Jacksonville, Florida homeowners and businesses extend the life of their carpet to the fullest.

How We Match & Blend a Carpet Patch

Of course our job is made easier if you have carpet remnants left over after the initial carpet installation. If by chance you don’t have a remnant, it is possible for us to trim the carpet from the back of a closet for example. Next, we measure and use a custom template as well as the proper equipment to cut out the damaged area of carpet as well as the carpet patch with a professional carpet knife to ensure that it makes a clear outline. We cut out only the damaged piece so as to make the repair as unassuming as possible and not damage the surrounding carpet. After this the remnant piece will perfectly fit into the damaged area and installed with the proper adhesive carpet tape and pressure. Finally, we trim any longer carpet fibers to assure uniformity and complete the process. We pay attention to seemingly small details such as ensuring that the direction of the carpet nap on the patch and room’s carpet are perfectly aligned. All of these factors come into play in achieving an invisible carpet patch repair!

Invisible Carpet Patch Repair in Jacksonville, Florida

The average life of a carpet is about 12 years, however, with the help of Able Carpet Repair’s carpet patching and stretching services, your aging carpet can gain extended life. Repairs are always much better than replacements in terms of cost, inconvenience and environmental impact. Call us to learn more about our carpet repair services today!