If our pets are misdiagnosed, that will do a lot more harm than good!

Nowhere in present day literature will you find where the experts show that animals wild and tame, use their urine and feces to mark danger zones for themselves and their offspring. I learned of this through my work, repairing and replacing animal damage in consumers homes, along with other unknowns that I reveal below. I am but a working business owner. Did you know that when pets urinate, deficate and dig holes in your carpet, that they are most likely not exhibiting separation anxiety, but rather telling us that they are experiencing building problems within the homes enclosed environment. I will prove much
of it below.


There are only a handful of people in the world that do what I do. Even then, it took me 17 years to find the first meaningful moment, that led me to understanding so much more. No animal psychologists have ever had so much raw material to work with, in such an enclosed and foreign environment, for animals. No wild animal psychologists have ever been given such a lab as I have for 17 years. I will be sharing what I have learned and that I am still learning, daily. Please stop by often, as I will be offering new insights as I learn them and if you have specific questions about your pets, big cats, elephants and the like, my email is on this page and so is my phone#. If you can, please leave a donation, as we all know how poorly our economy is doing and thank you, even if you are unable to leave a donation.

The following is why our animals are angry and or confused

In a great many of our homes, pets are stepping on “SPIKES”, that are underneath the carpeted areas. The spikes are part of what is known as “TACKSTRIP”. The spikes are held in place by wooden strips around the entire perimeter of every room. Many of you will have stepped on those spikes at the entrances and exits to the home and all the areas where tile and or wood, meet carpet, if you are barefooted. It seems that for the 42 years that tackstrip has been used, none of us has realized that our pets paws are proportionate to their size and weight, but most pets paws are small and hit only one or maybe two spikes and dependant on where those spikes hit, they may hit the most tender areas between the pads or even in the pads. When humans step on those spikes, we almost never hit the bottom of the arch, unless flat footed. That is the most tender area on our feet. Many have complained of stepping on those nails and how much they hurt. If a spike hit a tendon on an animals foot, it would hurt badly, possibly causing bad bacteria to enter through puncture wounds from urine, feces and spikes that have rusted and where water is used on the tile, next to the carpet. Steam cleaning may also cause the spikes to rust over time.

Hence animal psychology through their actions

Since our homes can have many transitions from carpet to wood or tile–even to multiple areas in one or more rooms, this creates a huge amount of confusion, because our pets don’t remember all the areas in such a confined space. However, our pets use urine and defication, to mark the spiked areas, after they have hit them a couple of times. In some rooms, everywhere they go, they have marked the areas. I can’t imagine all the anger and confusion., can you? Many animals dig holes and expose the tack strip and the spikes, possibly using combinations of urine and digging. When pets dig holes in the middle of the carpets, do you know why?

I also believe that the lions and big cats use urination and defication as a warning for those that use such. It can be used to mark drop offs, thorns and other dangers. The reason the photographers in wild animal shows didn’t know, was because they don’t photograph them urinating and such, so they would not notice such.

What to consider and why

For those that need professional help, my other company,–Able Carpet Repair,–904-860-9758 can do the work Their are quite a few things that must be understood, when it comes to each pet, their environments, boundaries, cleanings, repairs and transitional products that cover the tackstrip. Because our pets have been unable to trust their enclosed environments in our homes, they need to be trained to trust them, along with knowing all the other influences that need to be addressed. Now can anyone tell our customers why our pets dig holes in the middle of our carpets or urinate in the middle. The people at Able Carpet Repair do. Call us and tell your friends. Have your friends visit our site and pass the word to the rest of the world and thank you.

For the do it yourselfers

Please don’t go hammering down the spikes without understanding. The spikes are within 3/8ths of an inch of tile and wood floors. They are very strong and they take a lot of hammering to get them flat, because the wood and carpet both flex and then return to position, unless you beat them very hard. To protect the tile and wood, you could buy a metal trowell that you can push down into the crack, between the tile to carpet areas and the wood to the carpeted areas. You will need to test the areas once you have hammered down the spikes, because it is easy to miss some or not get then down completely. You can use the palm of your hand or your fingertips, but if you hit a spike with the tip of your finger, it can hurt very badly. I would also advise you that areas where water may have gotten to the spikes, the spikes can rust, leading to possible diseases or bad bacteria to enter. If a spike hits a tendon, that would be unimaginable–except to our pets, between their pads.

For all your carpet and tile cleaning needs, call Neil at Allpro Chemdry— at 230-9918

boyscout11@bellsouth.net is another way to contact us.

More pet psychology

On a recent job, I had to work upstairs, right at the top of the stairs. There was a cat and a dog sharing the home. There was an enclosed set of stairs and there were urine stains up to the very edge of the landing, at the stairs. I glimpsed a cat in a room upstairs, while the dog had been put up while I was there, which doesn’t mean much, but I thought, what if the cat felt that the upstairs was his/her territory, while the dog felt he/she had the run of the house, so that the cat may have urinated or sprayed right at the edge of the top stair. And what if the dog marked the same area, as if to say this was his as well. There is no proof in this scenario. It is but speculation. I wonder if this happens if the animals in the house are just dogs or cats. If any of you have had similar situations, I would like to hear about them, by email or phone. Both are on this page and thank you.

The case of the Yorkie, the Sago Palm and the plant,–the Wandering Jew

?In this case, it seems that the Yorkie that would use the doggie door, ate some of the plant,–the wandering jew and got sick. There are two plants called wandering jew. One plant is close to the doggie door, but this Yorkie didn’t eat that plant, but did eat the wandering jew, with the sago palm in the middle and the wondering jew around its base. If say this little Yorkie equated getting stuck by the sharp points at the tips of the sago palm, with the spikey points on the tackstrip, could the yorkie have eaten the wandering jew not once but twice around the sago palm, purposely getting sick, to show the owner, the correlation, of the spikey palm and the spikes in the floor and how both make him/her, feel? HOW SMART ARE OUR ANIMAL FRIENDS?

Why BIG CATS and ELEPHANTS might finally RAMPAGE/Just one of the reasons

If you were forced to live constantly, where you urinate, deficate and eat, do you think that would make you angry and or sick
over time?

How about when the temp reaches 90 to 100 degrees for months at a time and what of all the insects it draws? Do you really think these enclosures are all well drained and concrete or do you think the urine soaks into the ground and lingers? big cats and elephants deficate, do you really think one of the keepers run in there with a pooper scooper, right away, or does it sit and infest the olfactory regions? If properly hydrated, how many times a day will the animals urinate? Just think how many times a day you urinate. Consider these animals living under these conditions for their entire lives or until they rampage and or kill. This is just one thing. If your husband held your head under the covers every time he expelled gas while in bed and during the day, were not allowed to leave? There are other reasons. Guilded cages are possible, if you understand and can compensate.
Is animal psychology worth anything?

What if you were forced to live next to other species where their urine, defication and parasites, along with yours and your kind,lingered in the breeze all day?

What If?

If someone could prove that our pets and wild animals around the world needed something to be made for them, would that be worth anything? Let’s say that someone had a patent and started making and selling them and knowing the potential for such a need around the world and any major corporation could just change the design by 10% or so, what would be left for the little guy that came to understand such? Our government has made it so that the major corporations can take whatever they want. That makes it so that the inventor–origionator, can never again rise above the station already designed and structured by wealth and control. It is why I cannot have a patent and rise from my station in life. It is why I will not give away this and other things. I will keep writing about animal psychology, but I will not make a huge corporation billions of dollars over a few years, by something animals around the world need and want.

With respect to cats, big and small

I have read on many sites how owners of cats both big and small, urinate on their own beds. This is a sign of giving up, a resignation as to a fate they have tried to change, but been unable to do. It is a sign of desperation, it is a sign of hopelessness. It is what we humans call, a deep depression. If you were caged and deprived of what you believe are necessities, How would you relate, if you have no voice? How is it that pet psychologists have never before brought this to light? I will tell you why. I believe it’s because they are not exposed to such a wide variety of situations that I am. We all seem to think that our animals love us and yet, many of their actions prove the opposite. However, our animals understand that if they want food and water regularly, they will do as they know we want, to a point. Even then, our pets, just like humans, can have problems that build daily, until they complain,–“act-out”. as many of their actions prove.