Pets are wonderful additions to any family. However, some pets can have behavioral issues that can be somewhat destructive. Most pets will grow out of the destructive phase, and most pet owners are patient as they safely teach their pets to be less destructive. However, in some cases, carpets can be the victim and many homeowners do not realize they can save thousands of dollars by taking advantage of carpet repairs as opposed to replacing the carpets. Today, we at Able Carpet Repair, our carpet repair specialists would like to touch on why your pet is clawing or chewing up the carpet.

Why Does My Cat Scratch and/or Dog Dig at the Carpet?

When a pet is confined to one room while the owner is out of the house for part of the day is the most common circumstance that produces carpet damage. More often than not, pets claw at the carpet near the doorway. From there, noticeable bald spots, fraying and/or wearing of the carpet in the doorway develop. Using advanced technology and techniques, experts, such as those from Able Carpet Repair, can patch these unsightly spots with seamless repair work. Below are common speculated reasons as to what provokes your dog or cat to cause carpet damage.

Dog Digging at Carpet Before He Lays Down when Too Hot or Cold

Because they are animals, dogs behave off instinct. To shelter their babies from weather and harsh elements, members of the dog family, like wolves, dig dens that will help for example. These dens ward off the summer heat but will hold warmth in during the winter. From these basic instincts, dogs are known to dig at your carpet. As a result, if they feel too hot or too cold, they are likely to dig at your carpets in an effort to find relief. If you notice this issue, pay attention to the needs of your dog to prevent the damage.

Dog Scratching Carpet at Night Out of Boredom

Due to being bored, some dogs tend to rip up pieces of carpet. It will be in your better interest to get your dog some toys or chew bones that he can have during the day while you’re gone if you suspect this is the case. Rather than your carpet, this will help to put his mind and energy on other things. Get a stuffed animal that you sleep with at night, this will cause the stuff animal to begin to smell like you and quickly become his favorite toy if you’re the person they bonded with.

Anxiety Causes Dogs to Damage Carpet

From separation anxiety, your beloved dog might be doing this. The stuff animal method mentioned above can help lessen their anxiety. By applying the right pressure in the right place on your dog’s torso these help with fear and anxiety.

Invisible Carpet Patching & Repair in Jacksonville, Florida

Your dog may be digging at the carpet for a number of reasons, and as mentioned, many times they grow out of it, or a comforting solution can help prevent the damage in the future. When you do discover the damage on your carpets caused by your beloved pet in the Greater Jacksonville, FL area, call in the experts of Able Carpet Repair and let us assist you.