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How to Fix Cigarette Burns in Carpet & Carpets Burnt By Hair Straighteners etc in Jacksonville, FL

How to Fix Cigarette Burns in Carpet & Carpets Burnt By Hair Straighteners etc in Jacksonville, FL

Accidental cigarette burns are common in carpets. There are many instances where the cigarette burn will accidentally singe the carpets. A hot iron or a hot hair straightener or curling iron and other hot implements can also inflict unsightly burn marks in your carpets. There are a few methods you can try to efficiently remove the burned carpet marks, we at Able Carpet Repair would like to share a few methods to repair the burned carpet.

Method 1 for Repairing Burn Hole

1) Carefully cut the burnt fibers of the carpet out using quality scissors.
2) In a place where it won’t be noticeable, such as from inside a closet or close to a wall, snip away some carpet fibers.
3) To conceal the burn spot, use hot glue gun to glue the fibers onto the carpet. This method isn’t recommended as the hot glue will be hard and not long lasting.

Method # 2 – Carpet Patching to Repair Burnt Carpet

1) Cut out the burned part of the carpet using a small pair of quality scissors.
2) Clean the affected area using a sponge and mild detergent; be sure to rinse the area well.
3) Carefully cut out an area of the carpet that is larger than the burn spot from an extra piece of scrap carpet. Be sure the color matches and the fibers run in the same direction to ensure the patch blends well.
4) Over the burned area, place the new piece of carpet down.
5) With a utility knife, cut around the edges and ensure to cut through the carpet below it. Be sure to however, stop before you get to the carpet padding as you are cutting through the carpet.
6) From the carpet, lift away the scorched damaged carpet. Ensure the new piece fits snugly, if the piece is too large, slightly trim away the extra until it fits.
7) Apply the new piece of carpet to the affected area and let it dry for several hours using glue or double-sided tape. Until the area is thoroughly dry, avoid walking on the patch work. While we do recommend this method, we urge you to contact a professional like Able Carpet Repair for the best results.

How to Fix Cigarette Burns on Carpet

1) Gently sand away the burn marks with sandpaper that appears on your carpet.
2) Remove any residues using a handheld vacuum.
3) Use scissors to cut away any black carpet fibers.
4) If there are any remaining scorch marks, remove them using a solution that contains 1-part hydrogen peroxide, 10 parts water.
5) Damp a cloth with the solution and blot the area clean. Start blotting the exterior area and work your way to the center.
6) With water, rinse the area of the carpet and blot the area dry.
7) Allow it to dry fully and vacuum the area clean.

Carpet Patching, Stretching & Repair in Jacksonville, Florida

These methods above will get the job done well-enough, but if you want to ensure the carpet singed areas are repaired with highest quality, and for a seamless patch job, call the leading experts of Able Carpet Repair. Our certified and formally trained technicians have the experience and equipment to ensure the repair is done with quality workmanship. With superior services, your carpet repair needs are met with the highest standard!


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