When you choose the carpet that is installed in your home you want to ensure that it lasts. It is a big deal to have new carpet installed and can uproot your entire life. You have to all but move out of your house to have new carpet installed. They need to have access to the whole house to get it installed. That is why once it is in the house you want to make sure it is treated properly. That is why when there is a problem with the carpet that cannot be cleaned off you don’t need to panic. There are options that are available to you so you can have the carpets repaired. This is an option that many people are not sure about and don’t know exist but can really save the day. If there is any damage to the carpet you want to know if carpet repair can help you from needing to replace the carpets prematurely. Able Carpet Repair outlines some of the common ways your carpets can be damaged that can be repaired.

Holes, Frayed Carpet & Other Pet Damage

One of the most common ways that your carpet may become damaged is from a pet. Getting new dog or cat is a fun new adventure and adds a new member to your family. The great thing is that they can be trained to fit right in but that can take some time. Especially if you have a young new pet they can start to have some anxiety when you leave for the day. They tend to be a little destructive and that is why some people will close them in a single room to prevent the damage from spreading around the whole house. This is when they can start to scratch at the ground trying to escape. By the time you get home they can have a hole that has been scratched into the carpet. This is damage that can be repaired and patched by a professional.

Bleach Spots (AKA Stains) on Carpet

When it comes to your carpets they are made of some sort of fiber that has been colored with dye. This is the way to get the perfect color for your home and the design that you are going for. That is why if you happen to spill bleach on the carpet it will cause some major damage. The damage is because the bleach will pull the dye from the fabric and that is not something that can be repaired. Once the color has been pulled from the fabric it will never match again. The best thing you can do is to patch the spot with a new piece of carpet. If it is done professionally it can look seamless and just like new.

Loose Carpet Seams in Doorways & Middle of Rooms

You also could end up seeing gaps in the carpet where the seams were originally. You also could start to see that the carpet is loose and it is bunching up or creating ripples. These are all things that can be repaired by a professional by replacing the carpet and stretching it back to fit.

Carpet Repair & More in Jacksonville, Florida

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