When you have carpet installed in your home, you expect that it will last you several years before you are facing replacement again. The soft carpet fibers underfoot are a fantastic, cozy addition to any home and can last for several years before you need to replace it. However, no matter how diligent you are at caring for your carpet, there are several things that can leave you scratching your head as to why your carpet isn’t looking as good as it once did. One of the most common carpet issues we run into is carpet wrinkling or buckling. Able Carpet Repair is here to talk about carpet buckling or wrinkling happens, and how you can avoid it.

What is Carpet Bulging & Buckling?

Like mentioned above, one of the most common problem people have with their carpet is buckling. This is when the edges of your carpet begin curling up and aren’t lying flat on the floor anymore. Another form of carpet buckling or wrinkling happens when there seem to be pockets of air throughout your carpet. It seems as though you should be able to simply flatten them back out, but the carpet won’t lay flat on the ground any longer. This can leave your home feeling untidy and have a big impact on the overall design and appearance of your home.

What Causes Carpet Ripples & Wrinkles?

There are several reasons you may have carpet that has started to buckle or wrinkle. One of the most common causes is excess moisture in your home. If you live in a place that gets all four seasons, it isn’t uncommon for this problem to occur in your home. The drastic temperatures of your climate can cause wrinkling to start appearing throughout your home. While you may not have control over the weather and how much humidity is in the air all the time, there are some other factors that play a role in carpet buckling that you can control.
– Dragging heavy items across your carpet can cause buckling. You should always pick up any heavy objects to move them rather than pulling or pushing them across the room.
– The pad underneath your carpet isn’t compatible with the carpet that is in your home. Work with a professional carpet installation company to ensure you are selecting the right carpet pad.
– Your carpet wasn’t installed properly and now you are seeing the effects of that in the wrinkling of your carpet.

Carpet Repair & More in Jacksonville, Florida

If you have carpet that is still under warranty, you don’t have much reason to be concerned about solving your carpet wrinkling issue. However, there are many cases in which you didn’t have your carpets cleaned regularly enough and your warranty may be void. In that case, don’t rush to the conclusion that you need to have your carpet replaced. At Able Carpet Repair, we specialize in carpet stretching so we can solve your wrinkling or buckling issue for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Call us today!